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The Public Lottery is administered by the government lotteryoffice.The lottery is drawn on first and the sixteenth of everymonth.It's one of only hitch forms of undisciplined gamblingpermitted.Lottery allocation In Thailand, according to history, began in the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama 5, with a Englishman named" Schoolteacher Albaster"is the first leader in the issue of European lottery to be called"lottery"by His Majesty. King Chulalongkorn was courteously pleased. Gave royal authorization to the Royal Thai Army Chamberlain to issue lotteries for the first time in Thailand in the time 1874, due to the royal form of His Majesty The ideal is to help foreign merchandisers who bring products to parade in the gallery at the Khong Khodi structure in the Grand Palace. And latterly in the reign of King Rama VI in 1917, during the period of World War I, the United Kingdom, England, the Allied countries Wishing to adopt plutocrat from Thailand for use in war But can not adopt directly from the Thai government Because it'll affect the budget of the British Patriotic Council Thus enforced a policy to adopt plutocrat from the public by issuing lotteries By entering royal support Royal authorization from King Rama VI And latterly in the time 1923, His Majesty granted royal authorization to issue the"Tiger Woods Million Baton Lottery"in order to find the income of the Tiger Woods Volunteer Division, by publishing 1 million clones, distributed

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Vision Mision

Service that meets international standards And the most effective use of information technology As well as a service level agreement (SLA) Network organization management,with a focus on teamwork,coordination, creating connections,integration,and the introduction of information technology.Come to help in management Establishing indicators to set clear and measurable goals As well as creating the image of the office (Brand).

Responsible society with concern

Carry out activities and support a portion of the budget from the lottery sales.Return to the people and society in various forms,such as scholarships,etc.Ready to contribute to sustainable social development Produce,sell,distribute prizes,pay prizes,and continuously create new business models internationally.To supplement revenue,the government supports and supports public benefit activities In order to help society sustainably,to develop organizations,personnel,technology to be modern,international management according to good governance principles.

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Policy : Strategic State Enterprise Framework

Strategic State Enterprise Framework State enterprises, as government agencies, have an important duty to drive national development strategies and approaches. Both directly and indirectly Therefore it is very necessary to create a clear role for operations.
Comply with the policy And the environment The goal is "state enterprise is an important tool in driving the national strategy for stability, prosperity, sustainability" so that state enterprises can play a role in supporting the country's strategy in various fields.

Meet the goal And is effective As a result of the linkage of the state enterprise policy with the sufficiency economy philosophy 20-year National Strategic Framework for the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2021) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Thailand 4.0 and Digital Economy (Digital Economy) : DE) able to specify 5 strategic frameworks as follows

1.Defining roles of state enterprises to be clear To be a tool to support the driving of the country's strategy
2.Manage the investment plan in accordance with the national strategy
3.Strengthen the financial capacity to be able to perform the role effectively
4.Support the use of innovation and technology for development Mission and management
5.Promoting good governance to be transparent and fair.



As the government lottery is a public concern and is a source of state revenue,it was made a stste enterprise with a legal identy.The government lottery office Act B.E 2517 was enacted on 11 September 1974,and became effective on 1 October 1974..Lottery tickets were first issued in thr reign (1868-1910) of King Rama V.At that time the king granted Royal Bodyguard permission to operate a lottery on the occasion of his birthday in 1874.Lottery were then held intermittently until 1933 when they became a standard government revenue source.Over the years the price of lottery ticket has climbed from one baht to its present official price of 80 baht,although that price has been seldom observed,a surcharge invariably being added. The military government that took power in May 2014 has made lottery reform one of its priorities.Starting 16 june 2015,the military government has mandated that the price of a lottery ticket will not exceed 80 baht.Starting 1 August 2015,what is commonly called the “jackpot” or bonus first prize of 22 or 30 million baht will be eliminated.
Gansak Gak Baba Enterprise Plan Year 2021 - 2027 (Review Year 2022) from press to use. It is the direction in the area. Go on a long journey Which is in line with the National Strategy B.E. 2018 - 2037 National Economic Development Plan The goal of development that stood Digital plan for the economy and economy policy Thailand 4.0 Enterprise Strategic Plan Strategies for Developing Enterprises in the Industrial and Commercial Branches, Recommendations


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