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Privacy & Policy

The document below, which describes our policies regarding privacy and cookie issues, and which will be referred to as the “Privacy Policy” from here on, was composed by our team at www.thaiglo.org (referred to as “we“, “us“, or the Company” below) for you (“you“, or the ” user“) to become closely acquainted with.

This document outlines all the ways in which the Company collects anonymized information from any individuals who access our Website (the “Website“), the ways in which it processes this information and the reasons behind this, and the ways in which it stores the information safely and securely.The below document also aims to acquaint you with the reasoning that underlies our strict information-processing methods.

The purpose of our Website is to provide you with useful information about online betting and the gaming industry, including but not limited to various tips, legal information, ‘how to’ guides and any other information we believe might be useful to you. As such, our content may also contain hyperlinks and advertisements, which, when clicked, lead you to third-party websites that we consider relevant to your interests (referred to as the “Services” together with the Website). While such third-party websites are provided by trusted third-party service providers, they still remain entities independent of the Company, and as such, they are guided by their own Privacy and Cookie Policies.

The Company carries no responsibility for any data which you submit to our third-party service providers. Before you share any data with them, we strongly advise you to carefully read their privacy policies.

Types of information collected

Non-personal information

We collect certain “Non-personal Information” from you, mostly concerning technical and device markers, IP addresses, your operating system and browser version, the amount of time you spend on our Website, and the language you peruse our Website in. This information is collected for the purpose of streamlining our Website and making sure it both satisfies your needs and runs smoothly on as many different systems and devices as possible.

Cookie Policy

One way in which websites work towards improving their service is by using cookies. Cookies are tiny data packets that are created upon a user’s first entry to a website and dispatched to their device. They allow a website to keep track of the different users as a way of improving the website for future users. Cookies are usually temporary.

Our Website uses cookies as a means of providing you with better service upon every consecutive visit of it. They also help to maintain the security of our Website. We use several kinds of cookies, each with their own function:

  • Session cookies – these cookies are the most short-lived of all, as they are created upon entering a website, and deleted when you close your browser. We only use the most essential of session cookies to ensure the smooth and efficient running of our Website.
  • Persistent cookies’– these cookies are longer-lived, and their purpose is to collect technical data about users and their devices which is relevant to the Website. These cookies may be kept for as long as a year. Three types of persistent cookies are used by our Services:
  • Targeting cookies – targeting cookies trace your activity around the internet to ensure that you are provided with tertiary links and content that is relevant to your interests;
  • Functionality cookies – these cookies distinguish you from other users, so that the Services can provide you with a personalized experience on your next visit;
  • Analytical/performance cookies – these cookies collect anonymous technical data from your device, which is aggregated by our third-party partners and analyzed in order to understand the ways in which users utilize our Website. This is done with the purpose of providing you with a Website that matches your needs and interests.

Please keep in mind that cookies are made to collect only anonymous and Non-Personal data from you and your device. By continuing to use our Website, you automatically agree to the data collection methods described in the Cookie Policy above.

If you would like the Website not to use cookies where you are concerned, you can change the settings of your browser to not accept cookies. However, turning off cookies may reduce the performance of our Website and its third-party services, and provide you with a less-than-satisfactory experience.

Third-party links

We emphasize that the current Privacy Policy has been written with only our Website in mind. The hyperlinks or advertisements contained in the body of our Website which lead to external third-party websites are not covered by our Privacy Policy. External websites are governed by third-party organizations, which have separate privacy policies in place. If you follow such links, we strongly advise you to read the relevant privacy policy before submitting any information to such websites. Any data you submit to third-party websites is your responsibility.

The Company does not carry any liability for information that has been submitted to third-party websites. The current Privacy Policy only covers information that is shared directly with our Website.

Using user information

The data we collect from you is used for a number of different purposes, which are described below:

  • Maintaining the security of our Website;
  • Assessing the level of interest of our content for our users;
  • Ensuring that the Website gives you an individualized and satisfactory experience;
  • Maintaining the high level of our Services through feedback from you; and Researching user needs and interests as a way of improving and

streamlining our Services.

If called upon, we may also use the data that we collect from our users as a means of complying with a legal request or court order that has been served to the Company by a court of law or an equivalent legal entity.

Sharing your information

We may need to share your data with other business entities for a number of reasons, which are described below:

If the Company takes part in a major corporate transaction, we may need to share your information with all potentially involved parties. Such situations may include mergers, buy-outs and the sale of assets, and the parties involved may be the buyers, sellers, merger participants or other business partners. During the day-to-day running of the Company, we may also have to share your data with our business advisers, auditors, business affiliates and subsidiaries.

In a situation where the Company becomes involved in a court case, we may need to share anonymized data with the court or with a legal entity of equivalent powers, if this is legally requested or considered to benefit the resolution of the case. Other legal situations, in which your data may be revealed to a court include: protecting the rights, including intellectual property rights, of the Company, its partners, the users or other concerned parties; defending against illegal activities, including but not limited to security breaches or fraud; protecting the security of the Company, its partners and its users; contesting legal claims; and implementing Company policies.

Retention of user information

User data can only be retained for a set period of time, which is established by the relevant legislation on data protection. The Company does not retain data any longer than it is legally obligated to. The Company endeavors to secure all user data following the strict procedures outlined in this Privacy Policy.

By continuing to access our Website and submit anonymized information to us, you are considered to provide us with your informed consent to all the data gathering and processing conditions that have been listed in this Privacy Policy.

Securing and transferring your information

Being based largely online, and having users from all over the world, we take our and your security very seriously. For this purpose, we follow strict security procedures when it comes to the collection, processing and storage of user data, and we utilize the strongest and most up-to-date security software and encryption protocols to reduce the chances of data theft to an absolute minimum. Despite our most vigorous efforts, the internet is a large, unsafe place, which cannot be controlled, and data transfers over an internet connection still carry a certain risk. While we do everything in our power to protect your information, any transfers of data over the internet happen at the user’s sole risk.

Our Company is a global entity with branches in many countries, which means that from time to time we need to transfer information across country borders, including through and to countries outside of the European Union (the “EU“). While the EU has strict and comprehensive data protection laws, other countries may not. Despite this, in the case of having to transfer information across and outside of EU borders, the Company will do our utmost to provide the data with the same level of security described in this Privacy Policy and applied by us in all other cases.


Individuals below the age of 18 or legally prohibited from taking part in our Services and from sharing any Personal Information with our Website. The Services have been designed with an adult audience in mind.

Privacy Policy updates

You should regularly review this Privacy Policy, since from time to time it is updated according to any Company policy changes or changes in the relevant legislation. Whenever we update this Policy, we will inform you of this either via our Service, or by email. Any further use of our Website after the official notification has been sent out is considered equal to your informed consent to the changes carried out in this document.

Information about us

You can contact us directly on Email if you have any questions regarding the ways in which our Website and Services gather, analyze and process data.


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